Motto:  A Flying  Club with a Social Purpose

Mission: We want to stimulate the love of flying in our community through initiatives' and learning, while reaching out our wings to help those in need.

    We are a formation flying and social club. As members of Tampa's Gasparilla Festival Inter-Krewe Council, we are the only flying krewe. Our group includes civilian pilots, commercial pilots, retired military pilots, flight instructors, air traffic controllers, FAA employees, balloon pilots, aviation safety counselors, maintenance personnel, and aviation enthusiasts. Some members own airplanes, some rent airplanes, and some are non pilots. Members enjoy social activities as a group and participate in IKC functions.

    Our flying activities include group fly-outs, formation flights over the Gasparilla parade, the Conch Republic (Key West) annual naval battle and secession from the United States, and other public functions when we are asked to provide formation flights for special events. We are especially proud to provide fly-overs with missing man formations for Memorial Day and Veteran's Day functions, and military funerals. Members also participate in activities which help expose kids to aviation. These include Challenge Air, Young Eagles, and Boy Scouts. A number of our members contribute flights to CAIR Flight ( which is a charity medical flight organization. They coordinate with other similar groups such as Angel Flight and Giving Flight, and Pilots and Paws.


Recent Happenings

  • Captain Jose Mcflybones made quite an impression in Key West while we participated in the 2011 Conch Republic Independence Day Celebration as members of the Conch Republic Air Force.

  • Recently we conducted a flyover for the 2011 Hunter's Creek Independence Day Celebration and Veteran's Memorial Park.

Event Calendar

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Organizational Chart


President & Webmaster: Sam Chiodo

Vice President: Gray Sample

Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer: Sharon Henriquez       

Events/Operations: Gray Sample